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Our early years group has put together a page of P4C suggestions for helping younger children come to terms with lockdown and the return to school.

Grace Lockrobin and colleagues have just published Philosophy and Community which asks ‘Why should we care about philosophy? and considers making philosophy available for everyone.

Our next training courses

Online Thinking Moves A – Z training from DialogueWorks, starting August 17th 2020 – three 2-hour sessions

Online P4C Plus Foundation training starting Wednesday September 30th: seven 90-minute sessions: £125 – email bobhouse@dialogueworks.co.uk

More courses listed on our training page

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We provide training, support and resources in teaching that brings more thinking into learning. Our two main programmes are P4C Plus and Thinking Moves. We offer online or in-person training anywhere in the world, through programmes that we tailor to meet local needs and your school’s priorities.

We have a full set of resources for teachers, students, parents and trainers, covering all ages and curriculum areas. A helpful selection of resources is available free on this site, with a much wider range accessible via our paid-for premium resource offers.

P4C Plus

Philosophy for Children is our starting point. Its effectiveness in accelerating educational, personal and social development is well evidenced in over 50 countries.  P4C Plus helps teachers extend the benefits of P4C across the entire curriculum. Watch this video to see how powerful P4C can be…

Thinking Moves

Thinking Moves A – Z is a vocabulary of 26 types of thinking. The Moves are understandable, comprehensive and memorable. They make metacognition simple for teachers and learners, bringing big benefits in school and everyday life. Watch this video to learn more…


Hometalk is a series of engaging activities and ideas to encourage thoughtful conversations for families and schools. Each free weekly pack has sections for ages 3 – 5, 6 – 9 and 10+. You can see the full series here, or email us to go on the weekly mailing list.

Training and support

We offer a full range of training and support, through our own team of accredited trainers and via our international partner organisations.

All our training courses are available online or in-person. Their modular structure maximises our flexibility in tailoring our offer to your needs. We offer foundation training to get you started, advanced training to deepen your competence and trainer training so you can pass the approach on to others.

For upcoming courses please go to our Training page


We provide a rich range of free and premium resources as well as links to other recommended sources. The resources include training materials, lesson plans, stimulus suggestions, practice tips, demonstration videos and more.

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Global network

We work around the world with organisations or individuals who share our values and principles.  We understand that local settings require tailored approaches.  International Baccalaureate and other inquiry-based school groups are an important focus for us.

We host the P4C International Community of Enquiry.  This gives P4C teachers and schools around the world a perfect platform to ask each other questions and share ideas around any aspect of P4C practice.

We support schools and educational organisations wanting to set up their own P4C Plus or Thinking Moves training offers. We have partners organisations, accredited trainers or associates in:

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