Who we are and what we do

DialogueWorks promotes Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  Developed by DialogueWorks President, Roger Sutcliffe, this is the culmination of 25 years’ experience in P4C, dialogic teaching and inquiry-based learning.


P4C (Philosophy for Children) is our starting point. Proven over 5 decades in 50 countries, its effectiveness in accelerating educational, personal and social development is well evidenced.  We have introduced two important innovations:

  • Thinking Moves A – Z adds an explicit framework for metacognition to P4C’s thinking skills development
  • Philosophical Teaching and Learning turns the practice of P4C into an entire pedagogy


Based in the UK, we work in any part of the world with organisations or individuals who share our values and principles.  We recognise that local conditions require tailored approaches.  We support schools and educational organisations wanting to set up their own:

  • Practitioner and trainer pathways;
  • Accredited training programs;
  • High quality resources.

International Baccalaureate and other inquiry-based school groups are an important focus for us.


Our talented team of trainers and associates help us deliver our programmes with partners around the world.

We host the P4C International Community of Enquiry.  This gives P4C teachers and schools around the world a perfect platform to ask each other questions and share ideas around any aspect of P4C practice.

China:  Through our partnership with P4C China, we have supported the training of over 500 teachers and the development of a full-service P4C training organisation based in Shanghai.

Roger Sutcliffe addresses the P4C China launch conference

Saudi Arabia:  Working with the Ministry of Education and T4edu, DialogueWorks is helping to bring Critical Thinking and Philosophy to Saudi Arabia.  We have developed a full curriculum and trained 200 high school teachers to deliver the program.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Issa announces the program.

Gulf Countries.  We are partnering with Baseera in Jeddah, where Dalia Toonsi is setting up her own P4C training organisation, to complement the MoE initiative in Saudi government schools. Dalia’s work will extend to the U.A.E., Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Dalia Toonsi delivers a P4C training course in Jeddah

P4C training and support

We offer a full range of P4C training and support, both directly from our own team and via our international partner organisations.

We encourage anyone who is interested in associating with DialogueWorks to contact us for more information.  Click here for an outline of our educational approach.