Teaching that puts more thinking into learning

Traditionally, P4C is the practice of philosophical inquiry with young people – a structured approach to the development of thinking.  It helps teachers to facilitate student-led inquiries into topics that really matter to their students. It helps students to think independently,  reason effectively, communicate persuasively and explore their values.  

P4C Plus transforms traditional P4C by incorporating metacognition via Thinking Moves A-Z and our six-strand pedagogical framework. In combination, these develop philosophical teaching and learning across any curriculum.

– Thinking Moves A – Z is our understandable, comprehensive and memorable framework for metacognition and thinking skills development.

– Our six-strand framework of philosophical teaching and learning  extend P4C Plus into a pedagogy which works across the entire curriculum.

What we offer

We provide training, support and resources in teaching that brings more thinking into learning. Our two main programmes are P4C Plus and Thinking Moves.

We offer online or in-person training anywhere in the world, through programmes that we tailor to meet local needs and your school’s priorities.

We have a full set of resources for teachers, students, parents and trainers, covering all ages and curriculum areas. A helpful selection of resources is available free on this site, with a much wider range accessible via our paid-for premium resource offers.


Please email enquiries@dialogueworks.co.uk for availability and to book your place on the upcoming P4C Leadership Programme!



The IAPC residential summer course in philosophy for children at Mendham will resume this year, from July 27-August 3rd.

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The effectiveness of P4C in accelerating educational, personal and social development is well evidenced in over 50 countries. 


P4C Plus helps teachers extend the benefits of P4C across the entire curriculum, and adds a special emphasis on metacognition. Watch this video to see how powerful P4C can be…










From pandemic to pedagogy


We see the post-lockdown return to schools as an opportunity to re-focus on some of the things that really matter in education.  Our training and support programmes can help you do just this.


Dialogue Works Training Offer


There will be a huge need for P4C, but still quite a few obstacles to doing it in the normal way.  We’ve collected ideas from trainers and teachers on how to make the most of a difficult situation.  We hope you find this helpful.





Facilitate more dialogue….



Global network


We work around the world with organisations or individuals who share our values and principles.  We understand that local settings require tailored approaches.  International Baccalaureate and other inquiry-based school groups are an important focus for us.


We host the P4C International Community of Enquiry.  This gives P4C teachers and schools around the world a perfect platform to ask each other questions and share ideas around any aspect of P4C practice.


We support schools and educational organisations wanting to set up their own P4C Plus or Thinking Moves training offers.






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