P4C China Conference Report

Listening to the Voices of Children, a seminar on P4C and education was held in the Shanghai United International School. The seminar invited well-known philosophy education experts from China, Britain and France to share and exchange experiences and attracted over 80 kindergartens in the city. Nearly 500 people from more than 50 primary and secondary schools participated in the conference. This is the first time that a large-scale educational philosophical event for children has been held in China.

Roger Sutcliffe, one of the founders of the P4C movement in Britain, put forward a thought-provoking question from the beginning: “A 4-year-old child asks an average of 20 to 30 questions per hour, but when they go to school, the rate drops sharply.  Why does this happen?”  This is an extremely common but often neglected issue in children’s education. P4C attaches great importance to listening to children’s language and guiding children to think and raise questions.

Click the link below for an abbreviated version of Roger’s presentation slides.
RS P4C China keynote website 2018

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