We base our educational approach on these beliefs:  

Philosophical Teaching and Learning

Philosophical Teaching and Learning is an inquiry-led pedagogy that develops student understanding and appreciation beyond the levels normally achievable though traditional teaching.  It is applicable whatever the curriculum or subject, and whatever the age of the students.

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

P4C is at the core of our approach:  we have extended it in three important ways:

Thinking Moves A – Z

Thinking Moves is a vocabulary of the 26 most important sorts of thinking.  As an A-Z of meta-cognition, it encourages deliberate thinking about thinking.

Valuing Virtues

Philosophical Teaching and Learning accelerates the development of:

  • Personal Virtues, or character strengths
  • Social Virtues, or collaborative strengths
  • Intellectual Virtues or cognitive strengths

Training and Support

DialogueWorks offers tailored training and support to help schools and educational organisations implement Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  Click here for details.

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