Hometalk is a series of engaging activities and ideas to encourage thoughtful conversations for families and schools. Each free weekly pack has sections for ages 3 – 5, 6 – 9 and 10+.

The latest issue in our HomeTalk series of suggestions for thoughtful conversations for families and schools is on the theme of Soil. There are activities for all ages using P4C and Thinking Moves. We suggest that you always look through the pack to check that you’re comfortable sharing it with your children or students.

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A great way to benefit from Thinking Moves and P4C is to have a short, but thoughtful, conversation about an interesting topic. Parents and carers can do it at home with their children, teachers can do it in school with their students. Our HomeTalk packs are full of helpful ideas and activities for all ages.

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Dialogos en Casa – La Tierra

Dialogos en Casa – El Hogar

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Dialogos en Casa – Autismo

Dialogos en Casa – La Libertad

Dialogos en Casa – El futbol

Diálogos en Casa – Nuevos comienzos


Access the HomeTalk Archive

The HomeTalk archive currently holds over 30 weekly packs covering a wide range of topics including: art, beauty, friendship, inventions, music, nature and some of the Thinking Moves.

P4C HomeTalk

P4C is a great way for children to build their reasoning and speaking skills. It’s really important to draw out ideas from your child, rather than planting your ideas in their heads. Questions are the ideal way to do this. Download these two files for lots of tips and guidance on how to start doing P4C.

Just 5 minutes of HomeTalk conversation can be valuable and mealtimes are a great time to do this. Download these picture slides and print them off as a conversation starter. There are 6 provocative questions such as:
“Do you have to be scared in order to be brave?”

Parent Talk Moves

You can find the 5 P4C session plans mentioned in the How to do P4C slides here.

Thinking Moves HomeTalk

Thinking Moves helps your children build up their thinking skills. They are fun to use and work across all ages from 3 – 15. Download these two documents to learn more and to get some interesting ideas for thinking activities.

What’s The Big Idea is a great source of ideas. Here are some suggestions for big thinking with young children

A simple way to get started with a longer conversation is to share a stimulus with your children and then discuss it with them. Here are some suggestions, with Talking Points for your conversation.

Sharing Cookies – age 3 -7

Talking Points
Why should we share?
Does one good turn deserve another?

Can I be your friend? – age 7 upwards

Talking Points
What does friendship mean?
Does what you say depend on where you say it?

The Giving Tree – age 3 upwards

Talking Points
Did the boy get too greedy?
Does giving people things make you happy?

Where the wild things are

Talking Points
Where would you go, if you could go anywhere?
Would you still go if you had to go alone?

Free Hugs

In normal times, would you hug a stranger?
What makes us trust or distrust other people?

Like a Girl – age 7 upwards

Talking Points
How are girls and boys different ?
Are all girls and boys different in the same way ?

New Friends – age 5 upwards

Talking Points
How important is it to be the same as your friends ?
Is it OK to make people change so that they fit in ?

What’s wrong with it? – age 3 – 5

This is quite a fun activity to engage the children in. This link will take you to an image of a mountain bike with square wheels. http://im.ft-static.com/content/images/d5ae77a8-b361-4c2b-ac06-4345710f62ac.img

Talking Points
What’s wrong with the picture, and why ?
How should it be different ?

Elephant Art – age 5 upwards

Talking Points
Is it art or not ?
What constitutes art ?
Is it fair to make elephants do art ?

Self-portraits – Lucian Freud – age 10+

Talking Points
Why do so many artists paint self-portraits?
If you were a famous artist, what would sort of work would you produce ?

Lots more ideas for interesting discussions on our Stimulus Suggestions page

Lots more P4C films on Nick Chandley’s YouTube channel


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