International Partnerships

DialogueWorks works in partnership with training organisations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. 

We have a simple pathway for validating organisations in other countries who already offer P4C training to enhance their offer with the value-added mark of ‘P4C Plus’ training. If interested contact us directly at:

The pathway for anyone to become an international partner offering authorised training in Thinking Moves is even simpler, and can take as little as a year. 

We would be particularly interested ourselves in working with networks of schools who might wish to become training hubs for Thinking Moves in their country. 

Examples of our partnerships are described below.

P4C China: is based in Shanghai and has been training teachers in P4C for about 10 years, and Thinking Moves for about 4 years. Its latest innovation is ‘Thinking Boxes’, based on Thinking Moves, which contain resources for ‘thinking’ activities in primary schools.

Baseera: is a unique organisation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia promoting philosophical inquiry in schools, families and communities. It has played a significant part in a revival of interest in philosophy in the Middle East, collaborating with colleagues in Kuwait and the UAE.

Newton Network: in Doha, Qatar, is a remarkable set of schools who have embraced P4C Plus as a pedagogy for the modern age. It has developed a core group of practising teachers validated to train their colleagues at all levels, with a vision, in due course, to spread their practice into other Qatari schools.

DialogueWorks Chile: is a charitable organisation promoting P4C Plus in Santiago and beyond.