P4C International Community of Enquiry (P4C ICE)

The P4C ICE  is a group of P4C schools and practitioners around the world.  It’s a great way of getting and sharing ideas about P4C enquiries.   Every half term one of the ICE schools chooses a shared enquiry theme which they lead for 5 or 6 weeks.  They share the stimuli they use, the activities they do, and what the students ask and say. In return, other schools share their ideas and activities on the theme.  Over the half term, this builds up a great resource which schools can access for future reference.

Click here to see the current theme of RESPECT led by Haselworth Primary School.

If you’d like to join the group, which also communicates via WhatsApp, please email nickchandley@dialogueworks.co.uk  or bobhouse@dialogueworks.co.uk with your name and mobile phone number.

Members of the P4C ICE regularly share resources in response to requests for ideas from other members.  We collate those responses in an easy-to-access on line collection which you can see by clicking this image:

P4C ICE members have also participated in shared enquiries where schools around the world worked from the same stimuli and shared the results with each other.  This provided a wonderful vehicle to show students that they were part of a much bigger movement than just the P4C community within their school.  With thanks to SAPERE who made this presentation publicly available, here is a great example of such practice sharing: