P4C ✏︎ Philosophical Teaching ✏︎ Thinking Moves 

Inquiry-based Learning ✏︎ Developing Dialogue ✏︎ Oracy ✏︎ The 4th R  Reasoning ✏︎ Values and Virtues

Traditionally, P4C is the practice of philosophical inquiry with young people – a structured approach to the development of thinking. It helps teachers to facilitate student-led inquiries into topics that really matter to their students. It helps students to think independently, reason effectively, communicate persuasively and explore their values. 

We continue to regard P4C as the best model of thoughtful pedagogy, and our 2-day Foundation course in P4C is as good an introduction to its practice as you will find. 

It is all the richer because it introduces the two original and powerful frameworks of Philosophical Teaching-and-Learning and Thinking Moves A – Z, which constitute the ‘Plus’ in our ‘P4C Plus’ training. These enable the qualities developed in P4C by both teachers and learners to be readily transferred across and throughout the curriculum, i.e. into any subject at any level.