Premium Resources: Initial Teacher Education

Here are P4C Plus, Thinking Moves and Hometalk resources for ITE students. We have designed these resources to support in-person and online training. These resources are for your personal use and are not for re-distribution to others.

P4C Plus Foundation Training

There are 5 modules to our P4C Plus Foundation training. The first two are enough to get you going in class, so here they are….

Module 1: Establishing the Approach

Section 1: What is philosophy?

Section 2: What’s special about P4C

Section 3: What does an inquiry look like?

Section 4: What’s the 4-phase model?

Session 4 classroom slides are the same as for session 3

Module 2: Establishing the Community

Sections 1, 2 and 3

Thinking Moves A – Z Familiarisation

These resources will give you a good starting point for Thinking Moves. You can use 6 core Moves with your students – Think AHEAD, Think BACK, CONNECT, DIVIDE, LOOK/LISTEN and ZOOM IN/OUT.

Our Thinking Moves A – Z premium resources cover the full range of all 26 Thinking Moves. They include teaching materials to use in the curriculum and in inquiry based lessons. You will need to subscribe to access these resources.

Roger Sutcliffe’s Thinking Moves A – Z book is a great way to find out more. Go to our resources page to order the book


Hometalk is an engaging and easy-to-access way of putting your P4C Plus and Thinking Moves skills into practice at home, or with friends. Each pack has a range of activities for different age ranges which you can pick and choose from.

Find all our Hometalk activity packs here

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