Stimulus Suggestions

Here are some examples of stimuli that we recommend for different types of inquiries

Can I be your friend? – ENO promotional film

Themes: Social media, friendship, online, communication

Changing Batteries – The Saddest Story

Themes:  Loneliness,  Care,  Sadness, Loss, Death, Paradise, Robots, Artificial Intelligence

All You Need is Love – The Beatles

Theme:  Love

The Baboon on the Moon

Theme:  Loneliness

What’s the Big Idea?:   Episode 2:  Why do we go to school?

Theme:  Education

Click here for the full outstanding set of BBC CBeebies short videos designed to help younger children tackle philosophical questions  

The Hospital Window

Themes:  Honesty, lying, friendship, care

Dove:  Artificial Beauty Time Lapse

Themes:  Beauty, truth, identity

Like a Girl

Themes:  Gender, stereotypes

 New Friends

Themes:  Friendship, change, conformity, coercion

Early Years Selection

Click here for Early Years stimuli suggestions