Here are some examples of stimuli that we recommend for different types of inquiries

Can I be your friend?: age 7 upwards, KS1, KS2, KS3

Themes: Social media, friendship, online, communication

Changing Batteries – The Saddest Story: age 5 upwards, KS1, KS2

Themes:  Loneliness,  Care,  Sadness, Loss, Death, Paradise, Robots, Artificial Intelligence

The Baboon on the Moon: age 3 – 5, EYFS, KS1

Baboon on the Moon from AUB Animation on Vimeo.

Theme:  Loneliness

Click here for the full outstanding set of BBC CBeebies short videos designed to help younger children tackle philosophical questions  

The Hospital Window: age 10 upwards: KS2, KS3

Themes:  Honesty, lying, friendship, care

Dove:  Artificial Beauty Time Lapse: age 10 upwards: KS2, KS3

Themes:  Beauty, truth, identity

 New Friends – age 5 upwards, KS1, KS2, KS3


More stimulus suggestions for older students (KS2 and 3) here………

Themes:  Friendship, change, conformity, coercion

What’s wrong with it?: 3 – 7 years, EYFS, KS1

Show the picture to the children and pause for a few seconds. Ask what’s wrong and get them to explain how it should be different and why. Browse also for chocolate teapot, upside-down tree and square tomatoes.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – the crowning: 3 – 7 years, EYFS, KS1

This can open up talk about kings, queens and democracy. Would it be sensible to have two kings and two queens? And could a child really be a king or queen?

Elephant Art: 3 + years, EYFS, KS1

Is it art or not? What constitutes art? Does this help elephant conservation? Lots of questions from all ages guaranteed with this subject.


A robot friend: 3 – 7 years, EYFS, KS1

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a robot visit your classroom? If you had a class robot, what would you have it do? Should you call it a boy’s name or a girl’s name? Or just make one up?

Weird animals: 3 – 7 years, EYFS, KS1

These weird creatures will provide interest and some hilarity too but which would you rather have as a pet? You could discuss how animals are adapted and then try and choose the best animal to be a teacher or fire, ambulance or police person.

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