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Thinking Moves A – Z taster resources

These resources will give you a flavour of Thinking Moves so you can decide whether it is right for you and your students. You can try out 6 basic Moves with your students – Think AHEAD, Think BACK, CONNECT, DIVIDE, LOOK/LISTEN and ZOOM IN/OUT.

Thinking Moves training brochure

Thinking Moves A-Z overview

Thinking Moves taster pack


Our Thinking Moves A – Z premium resources cover the full range of all 26 Thinking Moves. They include teaching materials to use in the curriculum and in inquiry based lessons. You will need to subscribe to access these resources.

Roger Sutcliffe’s Thinking Moves A – Z book is a great way to find out more. Please follow this link to order a copy of the Thinking Moves A – Z book.

P4C Resources

A brilliant animation from the year 6 students at Sandringham Primary, Newham on P4C and the 4Cs. Worth 7 minutes’ of anyone’s time!

P4C planner

P4C 4Cs review sheet

P4C 4 phase model

P4C 10 step model

P4C class rules

P4C leading questions

P4C concept cards


Click here for P4C Plus premium resources, including our 25 P4C Plus session plans which will reinforce the learning from your Foundation training and support you all the way through your first year of practice.

P4C Plus online training overview document

Philosophical Teaching and Learning

Philosophical Teaching introduction document