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Our Team

Roger Sutcliffe: President, UK and Toulouse, France

Roger is one of the world’s leading authorities on P4C and philosophical education. He was a founder and President of SAPERE, the UK charity promoting P4C, and President of ICPIC, the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children. He graduated in Philosophy and Modern Languages at Oxford, and has taught at primary and secondary level.  He trained in P4C under Professor Lipman.  Roger is an outstanding facilitator of dialogue, with both large audiences and small groups.

Nick Chandley: Training Director, Derbyshire, UK

Nick is a qualified teacher and has led numerous P4C courses, at Foundation and Advanced levels and from Early Years to FE colleges.  Well-known for ‘squeezing the juice’, he edited a P4C training handbook and co-edited P4C through the Secondary Curriculum (Continuum, 2012).

Nick has trained several P4C Gold Award schools and has presented at conferences on topics as diverse as raising standards in English through P4C and P4C with parents.  His training reflects his vast experience of supporting teachers in the classroom.

Nick helped develop and write the hugely successful What’s the Big Idea? TV series, now sold to over 100 countries worldwide, and was education consultant to the major documentary series The World According to Kids (BBC2) and to Feeling Better (CBeebies), a show that helps young children manage their emotions.  Oh, and he is particularly fond of llamas!

Cindy Zheng: Accredited Trainer, Shanghai, China

Cindy is head teacher of Jintaiyang Fortune Kindergarten in Shanghai.  She has been a P4C trainer since 2016.   She is co-director of P4C China and regularly gives P4C training courses in Mandarin in government and international schools in China. Cindy is accredited as a DialogueWorks advanced level trainer.

See more about P4C China in Mandarin at

Dalia Toonsi: Accredited Trainer, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dalia is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where she works as Director of Educational Programs for the Baseerat Al-afkar Corporation.  She has a Bachelor degree in Biology from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah and a Masters degree in Education from Cardiff University, UK.  She has authored several books for children and was nominated for the Sheikh Zayed children’s book award 2017-18.  She has written a number of papers on education, thinking skills and Philosophy for Children, and gives regular seminars and training courses on these topics.

See more about Dalia’s P4C practice in Saudi Arabia at 

Rebecca Gough, Accredited Trainer, West Yorkshire, UK

Rebecca has been involved in education for over 20 years.  She began with an Early Years focus, teaching in Cyprus and Finland. In the UK she has worked in all three key stages of Primary education, and was lead P4C practitioner for Oldham LEA.

Rebecca has worked closely with adults and Community Projects to improve communication and build relationships including with the Preventing Violent Extremism Project. As a SAPERE P4C trainer she has supported schools from initial training through to gold awards.  She has supported a range of AP schools, including PRU’s, Hospital Schools and SEN provisions. She is passionate about developing a self-sustaining model for schools to enable them to continue delivering and embedding quality and meaningful P4C, in an accessible, individualised way

Cristina Baztán: DialogueWorks Partner, Santiago, Chile

Cristina is founder of the WeLab Educational Foundation, through which she pursues her special interest in the development of children and young people.  Her passion for making the world a sustainable and fair place by inspiring children in the art of thinking and dialogue, has led her to specialise in P4C, higher-order thinking and citizenship.  Her research and work to strengthen practice in schools focuses on these themes.

Cristina has a degree in Philosophy from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a Masters in Communication and Education from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and she is a certified Ontological Coach. WeLab Educational Foundation, has created an alliance with DialogueWorks to implement P4C training progammes in Chile.

Audrey Peverelli: International Schools Consultant, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Audrey Peverelli advises DialogueWorks on the development of our pedagogy for International Baccalaureate and other inquiry-based schools.  She is an International School Head with extensive experience in IB Schools in Europe.  Audrey holds a BA in Psychology and Political Science, a Montessori Teaching Diploma, a Master’s in Education for International Schools and a Fellowship from Columbia University Teachers’ College Klingenstein Center in New York. 

Audrey is a strong believer in the paradigm of constructivism, where learners construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiences and their reflection on those experiences.  She believes students should learn important ideas or concepts that are applicable across time, place and situation, and students should be guided in constructing meaning through making connections across curriculum areas and with the real world.  Personalisation for students in these learning situations is central and school leaders have an important role to play in inspiring students and staff to become life-long learners.  Collaboration is key to leadership, as is modelling the behaviours expected.  Throughout her career Audrey has always believed in the value of teaching through inquiry and in making sure that a variety of perspectives are valued in any given subject. 

Stephen Walshe: Accredited Trainer, Shanghai, China

Stephen holds an MA in Educational Leadership and Management and is currently pursuing an MA in Philosophy. He has been a P4C trainer since 2016. Stephen is accredited as a DialogueWorks advanced level trainer.

He is a member of the International Community of Philosophical Inquiry (ICPIC) and co-director of P4C China.  He has more than thirty years experience as a teacher, curriculum developer, assistant principal and school principal in a number of international settings.

He has introduced P4C to International Primary, Middle and High schools, leading P4C across the Fortune Kindergarten group, and assisting schools with their P4C School program.  He provides support and training to a multi-school P4C Leadership Group.  He has authored a booklet to introduce P4C to parents, teachers and school visitors to the Fortune Kindergarten group.

See more about P4C China at

Fufy Demissie: Accredited Trainer, Sheffield, UK

Fufy works in Initial Teacher Education at Sheffield Hallam University, where she has been course leader on the early years QTS courses and the MA in Education.

She has worked on projects to enhance the quality of early years mentoring in schools and on using a community of inquiry methodology to enhance student engagement.  She has also been involved in an Erasmus project on Global citizenship and Mathematics education based on the P4C pedagogy.

Fufy set up a Philosophy for Young Children module on the BA Primary and Early Years courses.  The P4C approach is now an integral part of the BA undergraduate course in Teacher Education.  She has co-organised conferences on P4C in the Curriculum and on Inspiring P4C Practice in the Classroom.  

Fufy’s research interests are professional learning, enquiry-based pedagogies, reflective practice and student learning.   She is a member of Think Together Sheffield

Rosie Wilson: Accredited Trainer, Staffordshire, UK

Rosie has been using P4C with teachers and children for 10 years and has been a P4C trainer since 2015.  She was a secondary teacher of English, Media and Citizenship in Birmingham, and has also taught in primary for eight years.  Her approach to P4C is enriched by her experience in a range of dialogic, critical and values methodologies.

Rosie co-founded the social enterprise, Lifeworlds Learning, in 2007 and is its creative director.   She is known for her creative approach to learning and her imaginative use of the outdoors, picture books, fiction, media, images and other stimuli to engage learners and educators in deep thinking and dialogue.  She has authored numerous resources and books for children.

Jane Yates: Accredited Trainer, Cumbria, UK

Jane has 25 years’ experience of P4C practice.  Jane was a senior teacher at a primary school in the North of England where she was the curriculum leader for English and P4C.  In 2016, she led the school to become the first in the North of England to be awarded a Gold P4C Award.  As the English curriculum leader, she implemented strategies using P4C to improve achievement in reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking.

In 2017, Jane was awarded the UK’s Global Educator of the Year in recognition of her commitment to the delivery of education programs that raise awareness of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Will Ord: Accredited Trainer, Oxford, UK

Will has worked for 17 years as Director of Thinking Education Ltd (, specialising in P4C, Great Learning, Growth Mindset, Metacognition and Mindfulness.  He has introduced P4C to many thousands of teachers in 25 countries since 1995, and was chair of SAPERE for 3 years.  Will has been a secondary teacher and a school governor.  He was associated with the DfE and Ofsted as officer for the Association for Citizenship Teaching.  

With degrees in Western and Eastern Philosophy, Will has written books for schools on Religious Education, Citizenship.  He wrote a regular column for the Times Educational Supplement.   Each year he travels to India for a two month retreat, learning about Eastern Philosophy in thought and practice.  He has explored Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu Vedanta traditions for thirty years, and believes passionately that meditation and enquiry are essential to our mutual wellbeing in the 21st Century.

Julie McCann: Accredited Trainer, Liverpool, UK

Julie holds a BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice and Sociology, PGCE,  MSc in Education and NPQH.  She has taught in the UK and abroad.  Within Liverpool she has been a class teacher, curriculum leader, senior leader and Advanced Skills Teacher in PSHE and Philosophy.  She is a SAPERE accredited P4C trainer and a member of the PSHE Association Advisory Council, she also delivers the National PSHE CPD programme as well as a range of bespoke training around thinking skills, metacognition and wellbeing.  In 2011 Julie received the ‘Citizenship Magazine’ Award for Outstanding PSHE teacher in recognition of her work in the wider community.

Julie cares passionately about the health, wellbeing and academic outcomes of children and young people, and has been a School Improvement Officer as part of School Improvement Liverpool since 2012.  She has carried out research and developed training and support for primary, secondary and special school colleagues in the UK and internationally.

Di Swift: Accredited Trainer, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Di is Director of Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education (KNSTE), a partnership of 140 primary, middle and special schools in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. The KNSTE ITE programme has a strong Thinking Moves and P4C dimension, all students benefit from an introduction to P4C and draw on Thinking Moves in relation to curriculum design. All Teacher Educators are supported in using a P4C informed approach to mentoring, drawing on dialogic co-analysis rather than simple feedback.

Di is currently writing up her EdD which explores ‘What makes for legitimate professional knowledge in initial teacher education’, this research has led to a prioritisation of the development of pedagogic reasoning and judgement in the work of the partnership and is focused on what it is to ‘become a public professional’ with a focus on ethics.

Kate Halliwell: Accredited Trainer, Sheffield, UK

Kate is a Primary Teacher and has taught across the age-range for over 15 years. She is an Associate Trainer at DECSY in Sheffield but trains wherever the training takes her.  She was a P4C Lead Teacher in a Sheffield school for four years and led them to achieve their Silver Award and Gold Awards.

She loves to organise and facilitate Philosophy for Community sessions and clubs, including a Y6/7 P4C Club, a Library of Life Community Philosophy Club and sessions for various research projects at Sheffield University. These are open to all and the more diverse the better; proving that the P4C approach can benefit anybody of any age and background. She is a member of Think Together Sheffield.

Alison Shorer: Accredited Trainer, Exeter, UK

Alison has been a qualified primary teacher for over 20 years and a lecturer in education with the Plymouth Institute of Education for 10 years. Her first degree was philosophy and she believes philosophy should be for all people. She teaches P4C in a local primary school and gives lectures about it. Ali is passionate about teaching oracy and eight years ago founded Articulacy, an education company dedicated to improving speaking skills for learners.

Tomás Magalhães Carneiro: Accredited Trainer, Porto, Portugal

Tomás graduated in philosophy from the Universidade do Porto, Portugal and has been working in P4C training and teaching since 2008.  He has worked on the enhancemnt of Philosopical Dialogue and Critical Thinking in the public sphere, such as cafés, theatre and in the city.  He co-founded the Clube Filosófico do Porto that has run over 400 free public events all around Portugal.

With P4C, Tomás coordinates the Projecto Jovens Filósofos in 30 schools in the north of Portugal and in the Universidade Júnior do Porto, reaching 1,000 students every year.  He edits the blog “Filosofia Crítica” with hundreds of free Portuguese language exercises in P4C and Critical Thinking:    

Richard Gore: Accredited Trainer, Manchester, UK

Richard has a background in teaching in both primary and secondary schools as well as working for Oldham LEA with a focus on promoting ethnic minority achievement and community cohesion. He also had lead responsibility for an extensive philosophy for children and communities project.

He is a freelance P4C trainer working across Greater Manchester, where he is supporting schools on the EEF P4C evaluation. He runs a weekly philosophy session at the Booth Centre in central Manchester for people experiencing homelessness. From June 2017 he has worked with other colleagues, and teachers, leading the Building Resilience to Enquiry project which focuses on a new teaching and learning resource: “Using Philosophy for Children to build understanding and critical thinking about extremism and terrorism”.

Topsy Page: Accredited Trainer, Manchester, UK

Topsy delivers fun and active P4C training, provides bespoke classroom coaching, and works with you to develop a culture of high quality dialogue and reasoning. She believes productive talk across the curriculum is a vital ingredient in narrowing the gap and improving outcomes. A qualified teacher, former Assistant Head, Writing Lead and SLE in primary education, Topsy has been using Philosophy for Children for over ten years. In addition to teaching, Topsy has worked as a lecturer, trainer and facilitator in the UK and internationally.

Paula Moses: Accredited Trainer, Manchester, UK

Paula is an experienced primary school teacher and former Headteacher who is passionate about the positive impact that P4C and Thinking Moves can have on the quality of teaching and learning for all pupils. She is working towards a PhD at The University of Cumbria about the Primary Curriculum’s role in enabling people to achieve ‘success in life’.

Paula is also passionate about permaculture gardening and can help you get this established at your school. She works with youth groups to achieve the ‘Our Community’ Arts Awards created by the Arts Council and Tameside Council. Paula is based in Tameside, Greater Manchester.

Ellie Crisp: Accredited Trainer, Milan, Italy

Ellie is a freelance educator who believes that the development of thinking skills is vital to enable young people to successfully navigate their future in an uncertain world and support well-being. Ellie has worked with young people and helping develop their thinking for thirty years, specifically with P4C since 2008, in the UK and in Europe.

Ellie recently completed an MSc in Applied Neuroscience from King’s College, London, and is happy to know more about the biology of thinking now, as well as the philosophy of thinking.

Gina Parker (Mullarkey): Accredited Trainer, Cumbria, UK

Gina has been using P4C linked to Global Learning and Outdoor Education for over 20 years.  She has worked with teachers and pupils of all ages and abilities, including SEN and Alternative Provision (PRU) schools.  In her previous roles as a primary teacher, an outdoor education tutor and a Global Education Manager and now Little Chatters (link she has always ensured that P4C is at the heart of her work.  She has a particular passion for engaging and active P4C, including P4C in the outdoors.  She has supported schools on SAPERE’s Going for Gold Programme and is an assessor for the award and a validated trainer for Learning through landscapes.

Jeremy Reynolds: Accredited Trainer, Hertfordshire, UK

Jeremy has been a P4C trainer since 2006, working with students at primary and secondary level and training individual teacher and whole staff groups, and on long term P4C projects with networks of schools.

He has had an extensive and varied career in education; a school teacher, curriculum leader (Head of Geography) and senior leader in state secondary schools and a local authority county adviser for Gifted and Talented students across Hertfordshire, running training courses and conferences.  He has worked for an education social mobility charity and as Associate Director at High Performance Learning – a social enterprise helping schools in Britain and internationally become world class.

Geoff Moorcroft: Accredited Trainer, Isle of Man

Geoff has been involved in primary education on the Isle of Man for thirty years.  After working as a classroom teacher for five years, he became a Deputy Headteacher and then a Headteacher. He worked in school leadership for over 15 years, including a variety of secondments to schools. He is also a Philosophy for Children trainer. 

He now works as a School Improvement Adviser on the Isle of Man and as the Island’s Director of Education.  He provides strategic leadership and direction for the education aspects of the Department of Education, Sport and Culture and to raise standards of teaching, learning and attainment.  He works in partnership with schools to develop curricula which progresses and engages learners in all aspects of their development, prepares them for adult life and helps them to make purposeful contributions to the wider community.

Lizzy Lewis: Accredited Trainer, West Sussex, UK

Lizzy has worked in education since 1995 as a teacher and teacher educator in primary and secondary schools in the UK and abroad. She is a consultant for VotesforSchools, a Values Based Education Specialist Consultant in P4C and partner of A Level Philosophy. Lizzy is a registered SAPERE trainer and former President (2013-2015) and Secretary (2015-2017) of ICPIC (The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children). She has published and presented articles on P4C, and co-edited Philosophy for Children through the Secondary Curriculum (Continuum, 2012). She has co-written chapters in Philosophy for Children: Theories and praxis in teacher education and The Routledge International Handbook of Philosophy for Children (2017).

Damien Walsh: Accredited Trainer, Stockholm, Sweden

Damien currently lives and teaches at an international school in Stockholm, Sweden.  He has also taught in the UK, Korea and Indonesia.  After being introduced to Philosophy for Children, he found that it transformed his approach to learning and teaching.  As well as becoming accredited trainer, he has completed an MA in Education from Bath University which focused on how P4C can improve the quality of children’s exploratory dialogue in the classroom.

Over the years Damien has run a number of workshops for teachers and parents on the benefits of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  He is particularly interested in how P4C can be embedded into both the National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum.

Sue Webb: Accredited Trainer, Maidenhead, UK

Sue is a passionate educator and former headteacher.  As a school leader, she ensured P4C was embedded, and considers herself to be a champion of the approach.  She is a professional coach and uses an inquiry-based approach to working with staff in schools as well as children and young people. 

Sue is currently a Director and Executive Consultant for Values-Based Education International – working throughout the UK and recently in India, Sri Lanka and Russia.  She is proud to have worked with several of the Dialogue Works team to create Whole School Values, Whole Person Virtues course modules and deliver training. 

Rob Unwin: Accredited trainer, Sheffield, UK

Rob is a former teacher and National Leader for the Global Learning Programme and Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme.  He has been a P4C trainer since 2012, including for the SAPERE, EEF-funded, national P4C evaluation project.  He works as an education adviser and international trainer for DECSY, and holds an MA in Development Education.

He organises CPD training and resources for teachers, coordinates curriculum development initiatives and develops print, web and film resources.  He has worked as a consultant for the Aga Khan Foundation, Link Community Development, Xiehe Schools as well as for the British Council in the UK, Ethiopia, Lithuania, China and Sri Lanka. He is a member of Think Together Sheffield

Helen Griffin: Accredited Trainer, Sheffield, UK

Helen holds a BA (Hons) in English, PGCE and MA(Hons) in Education.  She has delivered P4C training through DECSY since 2005. She is a trainer for the SAPERE, EEF-funded, national P4C evaluation project working closely with local schools and for the SAPERE Going for Gold project. She has coordinated many curriculum development projects with a P4C focus including the Non-violent action: a force for change. She has been running  a ‘P4C Practitioner Development’ group since 2004 for South Yorkshire teachers.

Helen specialises in P4C and Global Learning and is the author of Gender Equality in Primary Schools: A Guide for Teachers.  Formerly a primary teacher in Leeds where she taught across the age range for 9 years she has been involved in delivering Global Education training to teachers in ITE, within school and on open courses across Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and internationally for many years. She is a member of Think Together Sheffield.

Clive Belgeonne: Accredited Trainer, Sheffield, UK

Clive holds a MA (Hons) in History, a PGCE and is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching (FCCT).  He is an Education Advisor at DECSY, and has delivered P4C training since 2014, including in the Czech Republic and Turkey.   A former secondary school teacher, he has taught in the UK, Latin America and West Africa.  

Clive is a Team Leader for Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning and was National Leader for the Global Learning Programme.   He is a qualified Global Trainer working across Europe and is Course Leader for the PGCE in Citizenship & PHSE at Sheffield Hallam University.  He has published articles on dialogic teaching, global learning, education for diversity and education for sustainable development. He is a member of Think Together Sheffield

Grace Lockrobin: Accredited Trainer, Leeds, UK

Grace has a BA and MA in Philosophy and is studying for a doctorate in Philosophy of Education at UCL Institute of Education.  She has spent her working life exploring the good philosophy can do in the educational lives of children and adults.  She founded Thinking Space in 2008 – an education company dedicated to bringing people into philosophical conversation with one another – locally in Yorkshire, nationally and internationally.

Grace is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Leeds where she runs the Leeds Philosophy Exchange. She believes in collaborative working and has strong links with SAPERE, The Philosophy Foundation and various UK universities.  She is on the board of SOPHIA, the European Network for Doing Philosophy with Children. She is a member of Think Together Sheffield

Grace Lockrobin and colleagues have just published Philosophy and Community which asks ‘Why should we care about philosophy? and considers making philosophy available for everyone.

Dr Neil Phillipson: Accredited Trainer, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Neil has 17 years’ experience teaching at all five key stages.  He has been a Head of Science and a local authority consultant in Stoke-on-Trent.  He is a hub-leader in Stoke for the Primary Science Quality Mark and has a support role for Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education.

Neil started 21st Century Learners in 2013 with the belief that dialogue is central to a quality education.  He helps children to learn through dialogue and to learn how to get better at dialogue.  He co-wrote Dialogic Education with Professor Rupert Wegerif of Cambridge University.  He facilitates ‘global dialogues’ with Generation Global and is a SAPERE registered P4C trainer.

Neil publishes a blog on Learning through Dialogue and learning for Dialogue.

Monica Baart: Accredited Trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Monica has been a teacher for 27 years. She teaches Visual Art in grades 3 to 7 at Redhill School in Sandton, Johannesburg.  For 9 years Monica has supported the development of P4C in schools and now jointly runs Thinkative, which shares best teaching practice of critical and creative thinking, and enquiry. She has demonstrated how P4C can be used in Visual Art and has run Professional Development workshops for staff.

Monica believes that we need to be continually taking steps to improve our teaching skills and the development of thoughts and ideas.  Incorporating Thinking Maps and Harvard routines as well as Philosophical Thinking and Enquiry, enables her to infuse critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking skills into the curriculum.  She is excited now to be adding Thinking Moves A – Z to her teaching toolkit.

Kemble Elliott: Accredited Trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Kemble has a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy and has been a teacher for 32 years across all age groups.  She has practised P4C for over 9 years, and recently co-founded Thinkative, a P4C consultancy.  She regularly delivers workshops and talks on developing critical and creative teaching and learning, with a focus on self-reflection and metacognitive practice

Kemble is Director of Critical and Creative Thinking at Redhill School in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She leads the Talking About Thinking and Teaching programme, which discusses pedagogy in theory and practice.  She teaches Grade 11 & 12 Advanced Programme English and Theory of Knowledge in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Diane Horsten: Accredited Trainer, Johannesburg, South Africa

Di has been teaching for 27 years in Grades 0 – 2 at Holy Rosary School in Johannesburg.  She has practised P4C for many years.  With Kemble Elliott and Monica Baart, she co-founded Thinkative, to share best P4C practice as well as to facilitate adult enquiries.

Di is the P4C Coordinator for her primary school and leads staff development aimed at providing teachers with the tools and confidence to practice P4C in the classroom, in conjunction with other thinking approaches such as Making Thinking Visible, Habits of Mind and Thinking Maps.  She has presented introductory workshops on P4C to parents and cluster meetings.  She runs a Philosophy Club for children from Grade 1 to 7, and a Philosophy program for Grade 8 Outreach learners.

Amanda Hubball, Accredited Trainer, Derbyshire, UK

Amanda has been an early years teacher for 24 years.  She is a Specialist Leader of Education for Alfreton Nursery Teaching School.  She has over 15 years’ experience of training and disseminating good practice on behalf of Derbyshire Local Authority, NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and the Teaching School.  She leads P4C work in her school. 

Metacognition is a powerful driver for Amanda’s practice as she believes uncompromisingly in the value of empowering children to take ownership of their own learning.  She integrates Thinking Moves across all aspects of her practice, including work with children around trauma and attachment, P4C, more able and talented, environmental education, global citizenship, STEM learning, PSED, computational thinking, parent partnerships and behaviour and inclusion. 

She works with educational providers on cutting edge developments for early years classrooms.  She facilitates an R&D Hub with NACE and leads a CAS Community looking at early years computational thinking.  Her ethos on education is summed up in three words: Aspiration, Inspiration, Celebration.

Lisa Baggaley, Accredited Trainer, Liverpool, UK

Lisa holds a BSc in Mathematical Studies and an MA in Mathematics Intervention. She is a School Improvement Officer in Liverpool with over 25 years experience teaching across the primary age range and supporting teachers, teaching assistants, students and parents to raise standards in mathematics.  As an accredited NCETM Professional Development Lead and an Every Child Counts Lead trainer, she delivers training in a range of accredited maths intervention programmes, supporting children to make accelerated progress. She is an active member of the Liverpool Maths Society and plans, delivers and supports local events to raise the profile of maths and foster positive attitudes towards the subject. Through School Improvement Liverpool, she provides bespoke support for schools to develop the teaching and learning of maths and phonics.

Yvonne Sutton, Accredited Trainer, Liverpool, UK

Yvonne holds a B. Ed in Education and a Masters in Advanced Educational Practice. She has additional qualifications in Special Educational Needs and Disability including the National Award for SEN Coordination, PG Cert Dyslexia and  NASEN Teacher of SEND.  She has been a class teacher, curriculum leader, senior leader, SENCO and  Inclusion Manager.  She is an associate lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, a course leader delivering the NPQ programme and is an accredited trainer for PIVATS and HLTA Status.   She has been involved in developing national policy on apprenticeships in the field of SEND and in policy making for the Liverpool Area. She oversees the Primary NQT programme at School Improvement Liverpool and delivers the National Award for SEN Coordination at LJMU.

Yvonne is passionate about inclusion and improving the outcomes for young people with SEND. She has been part of the SEN and Inclusive Learning Team at School Improvement Liverpool since 2013. In this role she has undertaken research to develop a bespoke support and training to schools and external educational agencies around all aspects of SEND, including metacognition and now Thinking Moves. 


Kristina Yoseloff, Accredited Trainer, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Kristina Yoseloff has been a passionate advocate of P4C ever since her first Level 1 training with SAPERE in January 2016. As P4C leader, Kristina modelled and facilitated P4C classes to all year groups from Reception to Year 7 in an international setting on a weekly basis. This further developed her facilitation skills and provided her with the necessary tools when teaching children of all ages. Even though Kristina has since returned to the classroom, she continues to be the P4C coordinator and supports and facilitates P4C enquiry throughout the school while implementing regular in-service training to her colleagues. P4C is now embedded in the curriculum across all subject areas at Rivers International School, Arnhem, The Netherlands. The experience Kristina has gained with such extensive classroom practice and leadership of P4C feeds into her courses as a DialogueWorks P4C Plus trainer.

Kristina has been teaching internationally across continents and cultures most of her career. To quote Kristina, “The true value of P4C lies in offering children a voice while enabling respectful dialogue so connection, consideration and understanding is visible in every conversation”.

Dulcinea Norton-Morris: Accredited Trainer, Lancashire, UK

Dulcinea is an Early Years teacher based in Lancashire.  She has degrees in Law and English, Qualified Teacher and Early Years Professional Status.  She is a Level 2B P4C practitioner and is working towards running her pre-school class with an entirely P4C based approach.

Dulcinea has been published by Wyvern Press, Bridge House Publishing and Knowonder Magazine as well as being a judge for a BBC Radio short story competition.  She writes the Magical Mess blog which explores the worlds of Early Years teaching, child development and the use of P4C from birth to age 5 and beyond.

She has published Beautiful Thinking: A Philosophical Approach to Parenting and Teaching From Birth to Five – Metacognition in the Early Years.

Beautiful Thinking: A Philosophical Approach to Parenting and Teaching From Birth to Five – Metacognition in the Early Years.

Bob House:  Consultant, London, UK

Bob studied Economics and has an MBA from INSEAD, France.  He worked as a strategy consultant before moving into the education sector.  He was CEO of SAPERE from 2012 – 16.  He set up the Education Endowment Foundation’s trial of the effectiveness of P4C and the Nuffield Foundation’s research into the non-cognitive benefits of P4C. 

Bob has advised DialogueWorks’ clients, such as P4C China and Baseerat Al-afkar Corporation, on how to establish and grow their P4C training organisations from a commercial and operational perspective.

Peter Akbar:  Associate, Mumbai, India

Peter is a professor of Logic at Government Law College in Mumbai. He also teaches philosophy to the MA students at Joshi Bedekar college under University of Mumbai. He conducts workshops on “Art of Reasoning and Critical Thinking” for IB and International schools, corporates, and various educational institutions.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Alagappa University, M.A in Philosophy from University of Mumbai, and M.Phil from University of Mumbai.

Dr Noboru Tanaka:  Associate, Gifu, Japan

Noboru is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Gifu University in Japan.  His educational and curriculum research focuses on Citizenship Education and cultural learning in schools.  He has a PhD from Hiroshima University, was a visiting researcher at the University of York and is a visiting associate professor at Leeds Beckett University.  He is involved in writing the new National Curriculum in Japan.

He is actively pursuing research on P4C in social studies and has written numerous papers.  He collaborates with researchers in Hawaii and the UK on  strategies to connect children to society using P4C and on motivation for learning: