Thinking Moves A – Z is the ‘new kid on the block’ in respect of schemes for teaching thinking, metacognition and self-regulation, which the Educational Endowment Foundation describes as ‘powerful levers of learning’. 

We are confident that the A – Z will soon be seen as the best such scheme (‘Better than Bloom’ even) because of its unique combination of qualities. It is:

  • simple (easy to understand) 
  • memorable (easy to remember) 
  • practical (easy to apply).


And, as the title A – Z implies, it is complete. All the fundamental processes of human thought are captured in the scheme.

What is even more remarkable is that the scheme is being used successfully with all ages from Early Years to Diploma level, and in different cultures – with translations (remarkably) into Chinese and Arabic among other languages.

For authorised courses, including ones run by Roger Sutcliffe, the originator of the scheme, click here – Thinking Moves website.


Thinking Moves premium resources can be found here.