Thinking Moves A – Z

A – Z of Meta-cognition

DialogueWorks’ Thinking Moves A – Z is a comprehensive and practical vocabulary of thinking skills, covering the most important sorts of thinking needed in academic learning and for daily life.  It represents an A-Z of meta-cognition which encourages the active practice of thinking about thinking.

Thinking Moves takes a fresh look at the many different ways in which humans use their brains to interact with the world and with other people.

26 Categories of Thinking Moves

We have defined 26 distinct categories of thinking, which provide multiple benefits:

  • The moves form an easy-to-remember A – Z of thinking;
  • They describe each move with a single lead verb and synonyms that aid understanding;
  • They make young people aware of the capacity of their brain and encourage diversity of thinking;
  • Knowing the complete list hugely enhances a pupil’s ability to be meta-cognitive;
  • They include vocabulary sets that are appropriate from age 3 – 16;
  • Each move is linked to a particular mindset or intellectual virtue:  e.g:
    • think Ahead is linked to predictive;
    • think Back is linked to retrospective;
    • Connect is linked to associative.

How to Use Thinking Moves

Regular reference by teachers to Thinking Moves will motivate pupils to practise and demonstrate different sorts of thinking.  This is done to greatest effect in the review at the end of a lesson – asking pupils not only what they have learnt, but also what thinking they did, or noticed.

DialogueWorks offers a one-day course to introduce teachers to Thinking Moves and a complete curriculum of P4C-based Thinking Moves sessions, which cover the full framework over 20 weeks in a series of engaging lessons.

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