Training and Support

We provide professional development support in all aspects of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.  Our services include in-school training for teams of up to 25 teachers per cohort, train-the-trainer courses and individual coaching and mentoring.

Philosophical Teaching and Learning Training

The starting point is two days of Foundation training, based on the well-established and strongly-evidenced P4C methodology. This training equips teachers to conduct philosophical inquiries with their students in a Community of Inquiry.  This is a safe space where students and teachers can start to explore philosophical concepts and develop their skills of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.

The Foundation training is followed up after 6 – 12 months by two days of advanced training in Philosophical Teaching, with different versions for primary and secondary teachers. This training helps teachers develop specific skills for taking Philosophical Teaching and Learning into all areas of the curriculum.  The third step in the Philosophical Teaching pathway is then a one-day course on Thinking Moves, showing teachers how to build student skills in this meta-cognitive framework.

This training is especially well-suited to International Baccalaureate and other schools practising Inquiry-Based Learning.  Our fees are consistent with IB norms and are based on the number of days training and support required.

P4C Teacher Training

We provide accredited P4C Foundation, Advanced Facilitation and P4C Leadership teacher training, delivered by some of the most experienced and respected P4C trainers in the field.

Our 2-day P4C Foundation training course covers the key building blocks of P4C practice and equips teachers to start facilitating philosophical inquiries with their students.  Our Advanced Facilitation training helps teachers extend their P4C skills, allowing them to push for more depth in their inquiries and to use P4C more flexibly to acheive specific learning goals.  Our P4C Leadership training course helps the nominated P4C Leader plan for progress and sustainability in the school’s overall P4C practice, as well as giving them guidance on supporting less experienced colleagues.  Pricing is on a per course basis for cohorts of up to 25 teachers, and within the UK, is typically around £2,500 for a 2-day course.

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