Two-minute tips

Here are some quick tips to help you enhance your P4C practice.

Tip 1: How to link the starter activity to the main inquiry skill focus.

Tip 2: Let the students work in small groups to build their confidence.

Tip 3: How to be more of a “guide on the side” than a “sage on the stage”

Tip 4: A moment’s quiet reflection can be valuable in other lessons, not just P4C inquiries.

Tip 5: Giving examples: if the inquiry question gets too big, examples can make it more manageable

Tip 6: Writing: using writing in an inquiry can help students sort out their thoughts

Tip 7: Using topical items from national or local news can make a great stimulus. There is always a philosophical dimension.

Tip 8: Whole school P4C days can add variety and excitement as well as giving a chance to think really deeply about important themes.

Tip 9: It’s worth spending a few minutes discussing what the inquiry question really means, before starting the discussion


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