Recommended sources

Many other organisations around the world offer excellent resources to support Philosophical Teaching and Learning

Magical Mess of the EYFS: Dulcie Norton’s great blog with lots of ideas for doing P4C in the Early Years



21st Century Learners’ latest blog offers an excellent new tool for making progress in dialogic and metacognitive teaching:


Thinking Space: Grace Lockrobin’s website with a great range of P4C and philosophy resources.


Votes for Schools: VotesforSchools is an award-winning platform giving your students a voice on the issues that affect them the most.


Philosophical Teaching: Roger Sutcliffe’s website with in-depth descriptions of Philosophical Teaching and Learning


Philosophy for Schools:  free English language practical resources for teachers developed by Nick Chandley


P4C Chinafree bilingual Mandarin and English P4C resources


The Philosophy Man: free English language P4C resources bulletin provided by Jason Buckley


P4C.comsubscription English language P4C resources


Steve Williamsa web page covering Steve’s work in Education, especially P4C


SAPEREfree English language P4C resources


Teaching Children Philosophy: free English language story book inquiry stimuli suggestions from Tom Wartenburg


The Philosophy Foundation: free and paid-for publications and resources


Center for Philosophy for ChildrenEnglish language lesson plans, games, activities, book suggestions from the University of Washington


Plato Philosopher’s Toolkit: a variety of lesson plans for use with pre-college students


Meet the Tinker Thinkers!  Equipped with the tools of logic and reason, this team of pint-sized ponderers build their way to better ideas 


Cumbrian Development Education Centrefree resources on Global Citizenship


Cambridge International Education – Metacognition: