We have a wealth of teaching resources, inquiry plans, practice tips and inquiry stimulus suggestions, built up over 25 years of hands-on experience in philosophical inquiry.  You can find examples of our resources on our website:

P4C International Community of Enquiry: resource suggestions and practice tips from themes that have come up from the P4C ICE group.

Stimulus Suggestions:  inspiring stimuli for philosophical inquiries across the student age range.

Teacher Toolkit:  helpful guides and teaching materials for the philosophical teacher.

Research:  research reports into the impact of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.

Other Sources:  weblinks to other resource providers, recommended by DialogueWorks.

Resource Provision Service

We will send a regular supply of such resources to our client schools and education providers.  We will provide these as on-line feed which teachers can access directly in the classroom, mitigating the need for time consuming searches for appropriate materials.  Schools will be able to integrate our on-line feed into their Virtual Learning Environments or web pages, ensuring that they have a constantly up-to-date resource pool.  Pricing will be on a subscription basis, with an indicative cost for a school with 25 users being around £250 per year.

Contact for more information.