Free resources

We have a wide range of free teaching resources, practice tips and inquiry stimulus suggestions, built up over 25 years of hands-on experience in philosophical inquiry. Click on the links below to access them.

P4C International Community of Enquiry: resource suggestions and practice tips from themes that have come up from the P4C ICE group.

Stimulus Suggestions:  inspiring stimuli for philosophical inquiries across the student age range.

Teacher Toolkit:  helpful guides and teaching materials for the philosophical teacher.

Research:  research reports into the impact of Philosophical Teaching and Learning.

Other Sources:  weblinks to other resource providers, recommended by DialogueWorks.

Premium resources

We provide a wide range of premium resources to schools and individual teachers. As well as having unlimited access to the resources via our website, we will send a regular supply of such resources to our client schools and education providers.  The resources will be available as an on-line feed which teachers can access directly in the classroom, mitigating the need for time consuming searches for appropriate materials.  Schools will be able to integrate our on-line feed into their Virtual Learning Environments or web pages, ensuring that they have a constantly up-to-date resource pool. These resources include our:

  • P4C Skills Builder: a 5 part, 25 week set of training materials and lesson plans, designed to complement all formats of P4C foundation training, and to equip P4C leaders to coach new staff in their first year of P4C practice;
  • Thinking Moves A – Z: a 20 week set of lesson plans for the adoption of Thinking Moves by students of all ages;

Pricing is on an annual subscription basis, at £250 per year for whole school access and £50 per year for individual access.

To access our premium content please:

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